We are delighted to announce that Ash, who perform at The Forum on Saturday 14 November, will play an extra special 1977 show the following night – Sunday 15 November. The band will perform the entire of 1977 back to back.

Tickets for the Saturday show sold out in a matter of hours, and this last minute extra date will also sell out quickly. Buy your ticket now from this link:

Tickets now available for


ASH – Extra special added event!!

from www.WeGotTickets.com

Due to the overwhelming deluge of offers of support to help maintain this blog, we’ve been having a think abvout the whole website and, thanks to our lovely friends at Music Glue, you will shortly notice some fairly major changes to how the Tw Forum website looks, resulting in Blam being moved directly into the website.

This will make it infinitely more likely that Blam will be up to date, as the posts for each night will be linked into the diary, removing the need for one of us to wander drunkenly into the office at 4am and notice that we are still showing the dates from December 1996. In case you be afeared of change, panic not. Blam will continue to be poorly written drivel with a side order of narcissism and a mile long streak of overdone sarcasm. It will be the same content, it will just be in a different place. And look nicer. And be updated a bit better.

Hand over your Ash tickets or the band gets it.


The Fillers have been a tribute band of The Killers since 2006. They have performed all over the UK, Ireland and The Channel Islands. Their furthest booking was for the Hard Rock Café in the Dominican Republic. During their short career, this bunch of likeable lads from Bury St. Edmonds has experienced the same amount of adulation whilst they act, sound and look like the real thing. To add to their CV; they have been recommended by Brandon Flowers as a band that should be checked out; lead singer Trevor, has been mistaken for Brandon by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe; and Ronnie Vannacci has played drums for them at one of their gigs.  Check out the video evidence that is currently posted on The Fillers Facebook and YouTube!

We caught up with lead singer, Trevor Hurley, fondly known as ‘Fake Brandon’, whilst he tells us how pleased The Fillers are to be playing their first date in Kent at the Tunbridge Wells Forum in support of The Bridge Trust.

How did The Fillers first meet and whose idea was it to be a tribute band to the Killers?

Most of us were in another band together. We entered a local Battle of the Bands competition and somehow lost!”. Trevor then jokes, “Yeah, amazing that something like that could happen!” He adds, “The format was that the winners of the competition returned the following year to play the closing ceremony. The next year came along and the band that originally beat us couldn’t play.  Because we were the runners up we were asked to take their place. We all found this a bit comical and came up with the idea that as we were filling in we would change our name to The Fillers. Then we performed the music of The Killers.  We set up a myspace page, and proceeded to get interest from promoters and venues and the rest is history!”

Which Fillers gig sticks out in your memory as being the best experience – and why?

“We performed to an audience of 35,000 at the Matthew Street Festival, Liverpool this year. It was amazing.

Where did you get that jacket?

The jacket was hand made by my local tailor”. Trevor adds with a smile, “That was an interesting conversation – “You want a what?”

Do you and the band members have other jobs or is being a band member in The Fillers your full time jobs now?

We all have other jobs – A window cleaner, IT consultant, plumber, bus driver and computer programmer. Try and guess who is who!”

The gig at Tunbridge Wells Forum is part of a calendar of events that has been organised to fundraise for The Bridge Trust, a local charity that provides accommodation, support and advice to homeless people. Trevor responds,

“We are really pleased to be performing for such a worthwhile cause and we are all very much looking forward to the gig”, then he laughs as he recalls, “The last time I came to Tunbridge Wells was to collect a car, which broke down within 3 miles. We were driving around trying to find the Forum to see a band called Rx Bandits. We found it in the end, and it was a great night; but on the 20th November I will be bringing a Sat. Nav. and a more reliable car!”

You are currently reading about Frightened Rabbit. They are a band who live in Glasgow and have done for some time. They record in bedrooms, cupboards and kitchens. Anyone can be in Frightened Rabbit. They have played some live shows in this city, but want to meet people from other cities, in order that they can come and blow into tubes when they play live. Lets keep pop music alive by getting it out of that dress and into a sweater.

Already the subject of heated debate on the Facebook and MySpace pages for The Forum (which falls broadly along the entrenched lines of “this is the bestest booking evah” and “why oh why are you booking this rubbish again they are shit”, many people seem to miss the point that prior to the homogenistic approach of Kaiser Lily Reverend Hoosier Kylie Play, people actually used to like or loathe music. You don’t actually have to like every piece of music a tiny little bit because it has some elements of indie, dubstep, rap, electro, rock metal in it, you can actually really like a band because they’re your thing and really hate another band because they are not your thing . If you hate this band GOOD. That’s the whole fucking point of there being bands and music.You’re not supposed to like it all, and you’re supposed to think some of it is shit.

Bread products I don’t have a particularly strong feeling about, or which hairspray is best, or which type of stairlift provides the smoothest journey. I will, however, happily debate with you for hours the relative merits of Pink Floyd (shit) The Clash (genius) Nick Drake (over-rated) Scott Walker (under-rated) Tortoise (don’t get me started) Mogwai (if they had one idea half as clever as one of their sloganeering interviews it would be just about good enough to clean the bottom of Damon Albarn’s feet) Green Day (bizarrely maligned for being tuneful) Slint (bizarrely praised for being tuneless) or any other actual purveyors of an attitude or a form of music that is actually worthgiving a shit about.

You may want to hate them, and think their music is cartoon punk, and think Donny is the most annoying quasi rock star in the history of the universe, and think you’ve seen it all before.  But let’s be honest, you have an opinion about them and that means they are worth you having an opinion about. Just by the very fact you’re rading this and not agreeing with it, Towers of London already accomplished more in three paragraphs than The Fratellis will manage in twenty albums.

In any case, that bit where he hopped over the wall was fucking brilliant. So there.

Many of you will, by now, have noticed that Blam gets edited at frighteningly infrequent intervals and seemingly on a whim. There’s no rhyme or reason why we do this, no method in our madness, no secret plan to catch you unawares, we just do it when we get time and don’t do it when we don’t have time.

Nonetheless, we recognise that for many of you, life is simply incomplete without a regularly updated free rundown on all the gigs you won’t bother to go to but will later claim to have been at if it makes you look cool. To this end, we would like to invite each and every one of you to review, preview, interview, spout off, mock, publicise, slander and just generally make up whatever you want about whatever it is you want to make it up about and submit it to us so that there’s some sort of rolling content thing. This article is particularly aimed at the several dozen people whose fingers are currently poised over their keyboard on an urgent mission to send us an email bemoaning the lack of mentions to date of their own band, their cousins band, a bloke their mate once met’s band…. we don’t have time to review all the upcoming stuff because there’s too much of it, but we will happily carry whatever you send us in the shape of a ludicrously over the top puff piece thinly veiled as a critical review.

Seriously, if you don’t think there’s enough about you or somebody you care about on this website, send us something and we’ll put it up for you.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Eythangu.