Valentine Flyguy

VALENTINE FLYGUY. Valentine is a superfly-highjive-melonfarming-wisecrackin’-pistolpackin’ knacker-crackin’ one big mutha of a guy who makes 50 Cent (or Fiddy as I believe you young lovelies like to call him) look like the muscle-bound, urine bottle-dodging librarian no-brain that he is. Using his gangsta background, Valentine offers handy hints on dermal moisturising, understated jewellery, interior decorating tips for crack dens and the best way to ‘pop a cap in yo ass’, whatever that means, though I must admit that it all sound terribly invigorating.

“a fine OTT comic character.. outrageous.. hilarious.” Chortle
“…we’ll book the wise cracking Mr Flyguy next time he visits!” NYPD

In real life, Valentine is the creation of actor Zeron Gibson, who after toying with the idea of becoming a stuntman soon painfully realised that he had a natural gift for comedy. He then honed his early performance skills in the hardest of venues; working men’s clubs in the midlands. His bravery and humour soon paid off, launching him as an accepted face on the national and international comedy circuit. Zeron first attracted the attention of the critics in Edinburgh in 1996 when he made the finals of two national comedy competitions. He subsequently notched up three sell out solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival including the acclaimed show “4 Gimps And A Pimp” at the Gilded Balloon.

DAN EVANS first appeared on the comedy circuit in 1994, shortly afterwards leaving a promising career as one of East Anglia’s leading office menials to go full time. Over the past decade his twisted logic has delighted the nation, helping it through the dark days of the death of HRH (Gawd bless ‘er) The Queen Mother and the uncertainties of 21st century property prices. As well as playing clubs and universities throughout the UK, Dan has gigged in Holland, Germany, Dubai and Ireland, also being part of the sell-out Screaming Blue Murder Cabaret and Avalon Comedy Zones at the Edinburgh Fringe

‘Skilful and surreal’ The Scotsman
‘Original and inventive’
The Times

Your host for the evening, and no stranger to the Forum he, is ALEXIS DUBUS.

Baby faced, puppy-eyed poppet that he is, who on previous Forum-gracing occasions attracted more than his fair share of ‘young lady attention’ , Alex is taking a break from playing ‘Mugger #2’ in THE BILL, and being a media-type in NATHAN BARLEY to provide the comedy glue for tonight’s show
A good line in effervescent banter and one-liners …a solid stock of material with perfect timing, particularly articulate with topical observational humour … an intelligent and well-delivered set.” – Vivienne Arkley, Paramount Comedy
Surrealistic, irreverent and brilliant.” – The Scotsman
Puppy-eyed and floppy-haired, with relaxed patter, stage charisma and something I can only describe as a kind of winningly tangible eagerness to please, you not only giggle but kind of wanna be in his gang.” –
Valentine Flyguy