Ladies and Gentlemen, your own, your very own Haemostatic Picnic Races are delighted to announce the arrival of their brand new and shiny single “I’d wear a hat like that if I was from Yorkshire” which they will be fositing on innocent bystanders at this show which is the special launch night.

Time out recently described them as “hyperactive math rock influenced five piece” but they’ve been getting great reviews from the underground press for their debut album Helios! These Are Instructions. A wonderfully hyperactive mix of hopped-up punk, streamlined pop and gently mathy rock, the record is a big achievement for a small band, one that leaves their previous EPs in the smoggy distance and shoots for the stars. The band (HPR for short thank goodness) have been compared to Bloc Party, The Fall Of Troy and Minus The Bear in the past but this thing has a strong soul and solid sound all of its own.

Just this year guitarist Jonny, bassist Josh, drummer Rob and frontman Jake have had acts like Kill The Arcade, Enter Shikari, The Ghost Of A Thousand and Blood Red Shoes sweating with their super-tight support slots and more and more people are getting sucked into HPR’s gloriously fun, free and colourful world. See, while boys in bands are supposed to look a certain way right now, HPR’s vivid artwork and varied wardrobe will ensure, just as much as their diverse tunes, that they don’t fit into any dry style or regimented scene. In fact, if you do want a box to put them in, they’re probably quite capable of starting a whole new one just for themselves to sit and excel in.

Here’s a video. Is it me, or do the band need to get soem better belts? You can plainly see their underpants.