No strangers to these shores, IWAX are heading out on a full UK Tour in February to promote their Radio 1 endorsed “Pink Squares” single and forthcoming debut album ” I Want You to Know That There Is Always Hope” which contains all their singles to date except the much maligned “I Hate Nightclubs” which is a shame cos I really liked that one……

I wasn’t actually a cub scout, although I did take an un-natural interest in joining the brownies when I was about 6 as it seemed to me they had nicer uniforms and I liked cakes. You don’t make cakes in the cub scouts. William and Todd were apparently in the scouts, although I haven’t been given anything in their biog that indicates whether they got their knot tying badge, so you might want to shout out for full details in between all the songs – I am sure they would love that. It would certainly be an entirely new form of audience interaction; “thanks very much, you’ve been great” – “never mind that, show us your Fire Safety badge”.

Anyway, I Was a Cub Scout; a two man tune army that have been kicking venues up the arse for the last two years supporting Dartz and Forward Russia amongst others. They’ve done remixes for people like Bloc Party, had slightly more radioplay than Kylie, and the future looks bright for them provided reviewers and interviewers stop going on and on about their sodding name. Oh……….. whoops.

This is the video for Pink Squares. It’s really very very good.