Klaus Says Buy the Record is one man tune army Jon Mills ex of Forum favourites and all round good guys Furniture Sound and this night is a special launch for his really rather unbelievably brilliant new album Mother Hen.

In case you were wandering around the internet and bumped into some chill out electronica recorded under the same name, let em explain… at some point in the last year Klaus was struck by lightning and blasted through the doors of the “acoustic singer songwriter with tunes” shop. Either that or he’s been assasinated and replaced with an entirely new Klaus who was beaten with the song stick from the age of 4? Who knows, either way if you don’t have a copy of his new album nestling on your rack by the end of February then you are a tasteless ne’erdowell who probably likes torturing cats. Just saying, like. Musically, it’s pitched somewhere between Anthony and the Johnsons and Beirut, with lashings of piano and the occasional ukelele. Quality wise, it’s going to sneak up behind you and steal your eardrums – it’s a genuinely surprisng fantastic collection of songs, and probably one of the most accomplished albums to emerge locally in the last ten years.

Jose Vanders is attracting all the right sort of attention from all the right sort of people at the moment with a collection of low fi songs about “the sea. old ladies. biscuits. buttons. peaches. books. postcards. painters. my dad. love. imagination. trains. adventures. friends. pebbles. photographs. the empty feeling you get in your tummy when you are sad. boys who have broken my heart. and boys who have stuck it back together with pritt stick and glitter so its kind of sticky but still nice and shiny”. It’s somewhere between Regina Spektor and the englishness of Kate Nash, but you don’t need me to tell you that when you can watch this instead…..

All in all, a fairly amazing night of localish talent who I am pretty sure you will hear more about in the next year.