There’s no drama about Operahouse, they’re just four guys who make music.

This Camden four-piece is made up of a combination of childhood friends and strangers with a sound comprising disco beats and chop guitar.

First single “Man Next Door” caught the ears of Zane Lowe, winning Fresh Meat & Jonathan Ross at Radio 2. Something like ska on speed this 2 minutes 30 seconds of sharp, punchy indie pop proved Operahouse could hit where it hurt.

Singer and guitarist Johnny Lloyd was brought up on an aural diet of The Velvet Underground, The Beatles and Led Zepplin. He started playing guitar at eight years old, then quit and took up the saxophone for a few years before deciding he actually preferred guitar. Originally from Newcastle, Johnny came to London via Rugby where he played football at school with Jimmy Cratch.

Bassist Jimmy Cratch started playing guitar with Johnny when they were about 15. He moved to London to study photography at Camberwell Arts College. When Johnny was looking for the right people to join the band he asked Jimmy to try out. But as Johnny and Alex Kaines were both playing guitar he really needed someone on bass. That’s when Jimmy stopped playing guitar.

Guitarist Alex Kaines was introduced to Johnny by a mutual friend in a café in south London over egg and chips. “Johnny was making some god awful music with some friends at home and he needed a new member”, recalls Alex. The two of them started writing songs together and the basis for Operahouse was formed.

The new single is “Born a Boy”, which sounds curioously like early Jame sbeing played by Johnny Borrell. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing, so you can make up your own mind by watching this: