RiD consist of Dee Plume and Sue Denim. The girls are well known to fans of The Mighty Boosh after appearing on the show as Mutants, Electro girls ‘Neon’ and ‘Ultra’ and Goth girls ‘Anthrax’ and ‘Ebola’ respectively and also featuring in the Mighty Boosh live tour. This association with Mr Fielding has recently seen them getting a good kicking in some parts of the press, which is a bit unfair as they are actually getting better and better at a time when their reviews are getting worse and worse. I shouldn’t think they give a monkeys, but that’s the press for you.

At the end of last year they released the awesome single “The Sex Has Made Me Stupid” as a heads up for the new album “We’re In The Music Biz” which the NME has already made one of it’s crucial albums of the year even though there aren’t any copies available yet. Maybe they were hallucinating, or maybe they were just guessing based on a run of four brilliant singles in a row? My guess is they were probably too busy watching the post for their P45s to do their jobs properly, as they previously claimed that Robots were the “worst band in the world, ever”. Consistency as usual there from your favourite music-magazine-come-toilet-paper.

This gig is definitely on Thursday 7 February now and not on the previously advertised date of 6 Feb. This gives me an opportunity to make a cheap shot about girls changing their minds all the time which I have decided not to take. I shall, instead, opt for giving you the opportunity to watch a particularly graphic and frankly NSFW video of two robots doing things to each other with spanners that would surprise your grandmother.