TELLISON is a five piece waking nightmare of a band. Five boys and no girls with acute organisational difficulties from Hammersmith, West London in Britain near France. Drums, Bass, Cowbells, Keyboards, Two Broken Guitars, Four Broken Voices, One Wounded Laptop, some Extra-Curricular instruments, hope and pure, wild-eyed, old-fashioned fight.

They met in Hampshire, Kingston and Brixton and have fought bitterly ever since. When not fighting they’ve released a 7″ single on Gravity DIP Records, a 7″ single on New Slang Records, an album on Gravity DIP Records/Banquet Records, gone to university in Oxford, Cambridge, Berklee College of Music in Boston(US) and Canterbury and toured and toured and toured. They’ve been electrocuted, shot in the face with arrows and punched in the nose. They’ve thrown up an awful lot. They care an awful lot. Tellison play what is best described as independent popular music, with disarming melodies and big-hearted guitars.

Following their initial meeting at school in the early 00s, education brought them together and kept them apart. Managing to capture hearts and inspire devotion when they were in the same place for long enough to play shows, the songs which showed such early promise have now blossomed into perfectly formed flowers of passionate, life-affirming guitar pop.

‘Contact! Contact!’ was recorded in characteristically fractured fashion – in locations 400 miles apart, with two different producers, over a period of six months. The result is an album with the emphasis on the things their contemporaries often lose sight of while thinking up gimmicks – great songs, intelligent lyrics, massive hooks and vocals to make your heart burst.
Despite their academic pursuits, Tellison have managed to share stages with the likes of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Good Shoes, Hundred Reasons, Hell Is For Heroes, I Was A Cub Scout, Dartz! Dave House, TANAOU, Spy vs Spy, Walter Shreifels, Sam Isaac, Kubicheck! The Early November, The Junior Varsity, The Audition, Gallows, Meet Me in St Louis, Maritime, Emmy The Great, Brigade and many many more. They’ve been a MySpace Recommended Artist twice. The limited edition ‘Reader’ 7″ (now sold out) was played on Radio 1, 6Music and Xfm. You’re going to love them.

“Expect to hear much, much more from these rising heroes in the future.” – KERRANG!

“This band deserve your love” – Rock Sound

“Tellison deserve to rule the world.” – The Fly

“Their debut album is currently released on a small independent, but this is a band with far reaching commercial promise. Don’t let it pass you by.” – Music Week

“Their treble-layered harmonies and quirky energetic songs recall the sense, if not the sound, of The Get Up Kids in their early days… a wonderful sense of hope, regret and youthful abandon” – KERRANG!

“This band are about to explode” – Rock Sound

“Tellison are fucking great.” – Play Dead Single Of The Issue, Issue 18

“Thank fuck then for TELLISON, who in just a few bars of their opening song banish the memory of what’s gone before and proceed to remind me just why they really are one of the best young British bands around” – A Short Fanzine About Rocking

“This band are destined for great things. Superb.” – Rock Sound

“…they’re a humble, jovial lot who reaffirm one’s faith in indie-rock. If there’s any justice, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them.” – Overspill Zine

“Tellison confound the many schools of musical thought and theory that suggest it’s impossible to make The Perfect Album. I’m sorry everyone, you’re wrong. This is it. It’s here, it’s over. Put down your guitars, your microphones. There’s no use. Just give up. Music – conquered. The summit – reached…stop. This thing, this wonderful creature, it’s The End.”- Time For Heroes Zine