Slightly bigger than a very big thing indeed, the buzz around Courteeners is such that even by the time I finish this sentence we will have sold more tickets than the letters contained in it. If you haven’t already bought one, then you probably should stop reading this and do it now. You’re still reading aren’t you? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned.Liam Fray has the swagger of his namesake, and it’s not the bloke what goes on about saving your life. New single What Took You So Long has the feel of The Libertines rehearsing next to The Arctic Monkeys. They’ve got more Sold Out notices on their shows than the “bucket of free fivers” night at the Duke of York (under new management). So, I guess we’re just waiting for the inevitable backlash, and the thousands and thousands of people who will claim they were there at this gig in about two years time.
There’s loads you can check out on them, I like this video as I think it already looks like they recorded it at The Forum:
As this is the all new Blam Online with added cool bits and features, why not post a comment after the show with some footage from the gig? Just an idea that would bring us all into the modern age like……….