Not content with being the best venue in the world (ahem) The Forum is very very proud to announce that this Friday we will be presenting not one but TWO fuck off big bollocks double headline bands in the shape of THE LIONHEART BROTHERS and LOOK SEE PROOF. The price is still the same, but now if you don’t go you look like a know nothing halfwit with the brains of a mollusc. So there.

There’s a big blog buzz surrounding this Norwegian quintet named after the boys in Astrid Lindgren’s enchanting The Brothers Lionheart, a 1973 book (and a 1977 film) about Nangijala, a fantasy land beyond the stars where you go after you die. (Huh? We thought you went to Bluewater, especially if you’re bad.) Growing up, schoolfriends Forsgren and Storset shared an intense love for the movie, partly because they identified with the poignant plight of the chronically-ill 10-year-old, and partly because they wanted the actors’ Monkees (as opposed to Monkeys, or monkeys) haircuts. Comprising two members of Serena Maneesh, the Lionheart Brothers are one of those bands who use mid-60s Beach Boys and Byrds as a launch-pad for their experiments in space-pop. 50 Souls And A Discobowl, from the forthcoming album Dizzy Kiss, nods to the slickly exuberant studio productions of French cousins Phoenix and Tahiti 80, while single Hero Anthem, with its Smile organ sound and relentless pace, recalls the melodic motorik of Stereolab, and Blue Wedding sounds like Brian Wilson at his croakily damaged solo extreme. Elsewhere, there are echoes of My Bloody Valentine’s steep-gradient dreampop and the lo-fi loveliness of the Elephant 6 collective. The Guardian says they are “A widescreen, psychedelic colossus juxtaposing the serenity of Slowdive with the blissful chamber pop of Brian Wilson, all swirling organs and dreamy hooks.” and you can say fairer than that.

Look See Proof, on the other hand, create the kind of sound that can only be described as indie-pop in excelsis and have been a slow burning success for a while now, however 2008 is the year that the Hertfordshire tykes’ dancefloor anthems will break through into the mainstream. Their as-yet untitled album will undoubtedly offer the soundtrack to your summer and is set for a June release, prior to which the band are committed to the kind of touring schedule that used to make grown men weep into their cornflakes. I particularly enjoy the bit where they go to Texas for three days in between Wolverhampton and Brixton. Maybe the agent doesn’t own a map?

Fusing together the boundless energy of previous Forum favourites The Wombats and The Kooks with enough substance to keep even the sternest of rock fans happy, LSP have been messing up dance floors with their NME chart bound Casualty and previous single Local Hero. They bounce, they glide, they shoot, they score. Rock music doesn’t have to be complicated, you can just put all the right bits together in the right order.