They’ve got more reviews than that kid with the light sabre on You Tube, so just for once, here’s what other people said about them rather than what we said about them, as these people seem to have a better way with words than us and less propensity to swear like a grizzled old sailor:

“The Oxford quintet has channeled their explosive, expansive tendencies into a powderkeg of a record, making ‘Good Nature’ as complicated as it is explosive. In less accomplished hands, songs like ‘Surtsey’ and ‘Magdalen Bridge’ would be ruined, yet the confidence of Andrew Mears and cohorts turns them into truly mesmerising, taut works of art. 4/5”
Big Cheese

“Good Nature is thick with memorable pop… It’s a thrilling journey, revealing something fresh each time, and while there are passages when you can compare Youthmovies with other bands, ultimately they’re indefinable and incomparable. 9/10”
Rock Sound

“Sinister, challenging and fascinating, ‘Good Nature’ is surely one of the most original and interesting British albums that 2008 will see.”
The Fly

“…this LP could potentially be an album of the year. Ballsy, massively ambitious, exuberant and endlessly fascinating, it could just take over the world, if only enough people learn how to speak its language”
Loud & Quiet

“Youthmovies are clever, original – and sadistically unpredictable.”

“Like a post-hardcore brainstorming session on where music should go next.”
Steve Lamacq

“Like reading a great book that you think has taken five minutes to read and when you look up it’s dark… like being taken on a journey through varied and strange places… like the soundtrack to a restful but excited mind.”

“If you’re looking for a band who fly in the face of convention, look no further than Youthmovies”
Total Guitar

So there you go. If that’s not enough, then try watching this: