Boy Kill Boy are back. Following the gold-selling success of 2006’s Civilian, the Essex four-piece return with dazzling new album Stars and the Sea, a new up-and-at-‘em attitude

A few words with the band about the new album:

“Sonically it’s got a nice depth to it,” says Shaz. “I think it will appeal to a much broader range of people than the first album.”

“As a body of work it feels like it knows itself a bit more,” grins Chris. “Like we do.”

From road-tested live favourite ‘Promises’ to emotionally-naked closer ‘Two Souls’ via the potentially massive ‘Paris’, and the song-for-friends-and-family ‘A OK’, it’s a record that plays to Boy Kill Boy’s many strengths.

“We’re trying to carry a degree of honesty,” says Chris. “People aren’t idiots. Especially the kids who are into music now. They’re running things, and that’s great. The journey we’ve been on… it’s been a wicked time, an amazing journey and an exploration. But there have been dark times and it’s important to represent all that faithfully.”

“I hate to use the word ‘classic’,” he concludes. “But by maybe aspiring to our heroes and doing everything we can do to keep the language of great, ‘important’ albums going, hopefully we’ve made something that isn’t disposable, like so much of the industry is today. As long as we feel we’ve been honest, and true to ourselves, that’s going to come across. We’ve succeeded on our own terms.”

Just a heads up for all those of you currently being bankrupted by the Forum’s fairly incredible line up of bands this month: Next Month is even better. Time to get a season card.