Linchpin are the most exciting young band in Britain. Fact. Their first video was downloaded 33,000 times. The first pressing sold out in 48 hours. Dave Grohl has proclaimed them to be ‘fucking awesome’. They’ve already been praised by Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Rock Sound magazines. Even The independent has raved about them. And with the release of their fizzing debut mini-album ‘Small Town Theory’ they’ve just raised the bar for UK pop rock.

Apart from being a Band for over 4 years now the fact that all four members of the group are just 17 years of age is almost irrelevant. It’s certainly not as relevant as the enormously long conversation w’ve just had in the office about their haircuts. As Leggy Mountbatten’s Mum said “it’s all about the trousers” and in Linchpin’s case I predict massive global rock stardom is imminent purely on the basis that any band of 17 year olds that spend this long getting EXACTLY the right haircut to suggest a progression from Emo but not too far to put the fans off but something subtle developing in terms of tunes that might have a broader appeal while at the same time maintaining that cutting edge – any band that can tell you all that by their fringes alone is clearly doing something right. I mean it, I’m not making it up. Who wants to look at a bunch of lazy arsed musos who think twanging away on their instrument in their bedroom for hours on end is any kind of solution? Style, that’s what we want.

The music’s not bad either…..