Sooooo, once upon a time there were 6 of them and they used to infest the stage at the end of the hall on a regular basis, and frequently infest the bar at the other end of the hall when they weren’t doing that twanging about bit. Then there were five of them, and they got a lot poppoer and started writing proper songs and stuff and then the next thing you knew, and this actually happened to me, you were standing in a bar b cue yard in Austin, Texas, and that highly professional noise coming off the stage was the same five odd little fellas that tumbled out of Bexhill some five years before. Only they looked like a real band and sounded like one too.

Perceptive members of the Forum audience will be aware that it’s always been our policy to support all manner of bands at whatever stage of their careers we could help them to, and that Mumm Ra are currently possibly the most successful band ever to have gone through that process and out the other side. Truth be told, we can’t really take that much credit for it as they pretty much kept themselves to themselves and were almost like part of the furniture, but it does fair warm the cockles of your heart to see them keeping their side of the devil’s pact we make all the band’s sign up to by continuing to put in the odd appearance here and there when they can.

Their debut album “These Things Move in Threes” is well worth your support if you haven’t already…..