Like Syd Barrett fronting Queen” – Sam Endicott (The Bravery) writing in The Guardian

“They are the devil’s Britpop. Somehow lacing their plinky synths, ‘Parklife’-ish harmonies and soulful heartbeat with the stalking atmospherics of a whore slaughter in 19th-century Whitechapel, they’re Jack The Rip-pop.”
Mark Beaumont – NME

Envy & Other Sins

Democracy is a fickle thing. While one country tears itself apart to gain it, others wallow back in their own crapulence not caring if they lose it. It’s the ever important power of democracy (along with the controversial process of text voting) that gave ENVY AND OTHER SINS their recording contract. Purveyors of eccentric, erudite, English pop music – forged in the furnaces of Birmingham, the four-piece has toured in support of Ok Go! and has played with everyone from Razorlight to The Feeling, The Automatic and Hard-Fi among many others. Now this Birmingham four piece are out to shed their stigmas and prove that they’re not the marketing puppets of Alex Zane and the cronies over at Castle T4.

Envy & Other Sins are: Ali Forbes (singing and guitar), Mark Lees (bass and singing), Jim Macaulay (drumming) and Jarvey Moss (keyboards and singing).

Expect a barrage of high quality, stylised indie rock as Envy and Other Sins come swaggering through The Forum in anticipating of the release of their much anticipated album ‘Highness’. As such they’ll be proudly demonstrating the intelligence of their Kooks-esque material undoubtedly dressed up to the nines, ready to both paint the town and wipe the floor with the audience on the same night. So come on down and enjoy this band rise above their origins and forge their own path. After all, you voted for them. Here to help you look forward to them here’s their video for ‘Highness’