Pay special attention now, cos you don’t want to mjiss the following fact. Los Campesinos will be playing the first ever matinee performance at The Forum….. so they will play one show that starts at 5pm and another that starts at 8pm. The first one is an underage show – you must be 19 or under to get in and there’s no bar. The evening show is over 16s only. So, buy the right ticket.

From the discovery of their destined-to-be-attentively-studied-by-blogs-the-world-over musical wares nearly two years ago, right through to the recent release of their debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’, Los Campesinos! have time and again proved themselves as a band to stir the most hardened of cynics – those who ceased to believe in bands rooted in a genuine aesthetic, long ago. Youthful they may be, but Los Campesinos! are then, in no uncertain terms, an implicitly important band in 2008.

The second single proper to be taken from their longplayer, ‘My Year In Lists’ is 1 minute 49 seconds, of pure, unadulterated, pop-flecked brilliance. ‘Lists’ essentially mulls over the process of living out a relationship via Royal Mail, and bemoans the tedium of New Year (and the resolutions it inevitably engenders. “I believe in changing things when they need to be changed” says vocalist Gareth, pretty sagely, given his years).

Continuing the ‘short-lived’ theme to the single’s b-sides package, the band have covered three of their favourite short songs. Deerhoof, Bikini Kill, and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone are the subjects of happy study across the single’s formats (for full info, see below).

“All less than a minute long, or “<1” as we’ve so economically named it”, LC! explain. “It’s a celebration of brevity and transience in pop music: all the best pop songs are short, or short-lived. As are most pop bands’ careers. Probably ours too. Damn this ever-hungry web 2.0 generation… Never mind, no-one really wants to waste time with longevity and patience; this is for those of short attention span that won’t sit still…”

Having spent most of their time out on the road in the UK, US, Europe and Japan since recording of their debut album was completed last summer, our Cardiff kids are now, inarguably, masters of any stage they occupy.