Imagine the love child of the B52’s and Wham produced by Nile Rodgers and voila ….. you have Alphabeat!

Popjustice called them ‘the best band in the world ever’ – and this 6 piece more then live up to the hype. Already firm favourites on the European festival circuit, their debut album ‘Alphabeat’ has gone platinum in their native Denmark. They will be bringing their winning combo of infectious feel good pop and memorably energetic live performance to Tunbridge Wells as part of a large UK tour on the back of their super radio friendly single “Fascination”. As you’ve probably already heard that until your ears started hurting, we thought we’d let you see this live video instead, which is their utterly brilliant last single “Fantastic 6” and would have been number 1 for about six months if it wasn’t for record companies preferring to fob off the public with pasty faced X factor contestants warbling their way through Mariah Carey b-sides. Honestly, this or a squinty eyed ice cream salesman from Arbroath?

As you can see, they are not only pop music that doesn’t make you feel slightly queasy, they are also massive in countries with slightly more taste than us at the moment. Tickets are on sale now…..