Some people have been saying it’s all the same music at The Forum these days, you know, indie schmindie stuff. Except for the ska bands, the pop bands, the art bands, the math rock, the local undescribable stuff, the dance nights, the comedy and Dog Eco Co nights which come complete with a poetry reading and some jaffa cakes, I think they’ve got a point. Nearly all the people who say this like some sort of metal. Dark Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Romo Metal, Pig in a Box eating bananas Metal. Why isn’t there more METAL they say. Well, we had Heavy Metal in my day, we just called it shrapnel back then (thanks to the Two Ronnies for that joke).

Anyways, as you can see from the above, I know nothing at all about this subject, as I can’t tell one bunch of people who sound like they would do serious damage to a goat at a moment’s notcie from another. They sound very very upset about something, and one of them needs to buy a lozenge. As I don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s Kerrang who do:

Trigger The Bloodshed – Purgation
Talk about making an impression. Seconds into this debut by Bath based grindcore/death metal exponents Trigger The Bloodshed you’re already shaking your head in disbelief at the sheer immensity of their awesome aural thuggery. Unlistenable if you seek melody and tunes, heavy as hell if you’re into sheer power. Amid the brutality come barely perceptible hooks, slight order in chaos. Having been together barely a year, the quartet’s achievement thus far is significant. That they are this cohesive, this intense and disturbing in so short a time indicates a genuine chemistry that fans of this genre should note. 4Ks Steve Beebee

So there you go. Sounds frightful to me, but then I like gardening.