Future of the left were formed in 2005 as a direct response to market research which suggested that the perfect unsuccesful and ignored rock band could be created by melding together the remains of two largely unsuccessful and ignored rock bands from south wales, mclusky and jarcrew. No pride has been spared in the fall-out.

The band consists of andrew falkous (guitar/vocals), jack william egglestone (drums), and kelson louis tregurtha mathias (bass/vocals).

McLusky died, and with them went someone everyone should have loved, something that should have been played between neighbours and the six o’clock news, something to annoy your Granny with.

And then came Future of the Left. Who deserve all this praise and more. From the second their debut Curses begins, its the same but different – leaner, fitter, more productive. Manchasm in particular takes what went before this band and expands upon it.