We’re biased, so we’ll lket everybody else tell you:

‘Coming across like some hybrid of Fugazi, ATDI, Bloc Party and Snapcase?, they mix driving, heavy guitars with intricate picking and screamed/shouted vocals’ DIE, SHELLSUIT, DIE.

‘HPR do it very well, making the style very listenable and enjoyable without being too weird and make the average listener switch off in confusion. ‘ 7/10 PUNKSCENE

‘The sampler shows just how versatile and inventive HPR are across just a few songs. First track proper I am woodenbox is just magical.’ 8/10 EAST MAGAZINE

‘Competent, creative and with enough pizzazz to blow Horse, The Band or The Fall Of Troy out the water, HPR are now so close they must be able to taste the big time. Watch them fly.’ MODERATE ROCK

‘From their first track ortni (intro backwards) you know you listening to something completely different and highly experimental. Then without knowing it youre thrown into the second track bugz feck off, a mix of powerful screams from front man Jake Armstrong combined with intense break downs which leave you stunned.’ UP IN LIGHS ONLINE

‘Alternative and Ambient songs which are so melodic theyll be on your mind all week, this EP has not only shown each members talent but how they have merged this together to create something special.’ 7/10 FRESHMAG UK

‘Energetic as ever, its impossible to fault the effort these guys put in.’ ‘HPR A typical energetic performance, theyre very good at what they do.”I expected HPR to be tight and full of beans. They delivered.’ TW FORUM REVIEW

OK, that last bit was us. You get the point.