Jeremy Warmsley is a 25-year old singer, songwriter and producer from London, England,a lthough his wiki page says he’s half English, half French, which would suggest he might equally be from Jersey. His second album, “How We Became” will be released in the UK in late 2008. It was co-produced with Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Bjork) and features twelve new songs. First single “Lose My Cool” is released August 11th.

Jeremy Warmsley is a simple story of a guy who doesn’t like the guitar as much as he does the piano or experimenting with electronics. A guy who, when you talk to him about The Divine Comedy, responds with chatter about The Knife, who he believes was the biggest sensation of last year. A guy who doesn’t like the guitar but still managed to renew our faith in an old formula we thought we had exhausted: a solo singer with six strings. Simply because he sings with a spite, an ardor, and a naturalness that’s rarely encountered.