“… ’Tis but thy name that is my enemy … O be some other name. What’s in a name?” William Shakespeare.

Escaping the furore of feverish hysteria which surrounded the band, SELFISH CUNT took 3 years in hibernation to produce their latest album. The result’s a thorn in the flesh of the current London music scene; ENGLISH CHAMBER MUSIC.

Secluded in the murky depths of east London, in an area made famous by the likes of Oscar Wilde for its opium drenched dens of debauchery and horror, SELFISH CUNT have slaved to hone their collective talents. The result is a refinement of their infamous, turbulent sound with even greater lyrical prowess. It’s in the sweeping menace of tracks like ‘Avocado’ and the pulverising syncopation of ‘Feel Like A Woman‘, SELFISH CUNT have cast aside old habits, pursuing new vices as they expose the sordid shame of the city with a new-found eloquent dexterity. From the quivering whispers of Beatrice Brown in ‘Whip Goes The Crack’ to the battering onslaught of ‘England Made Me II‘, the intensity of sound is restrained at times only to be blown right out again. ENGLISH CHAMBER MUSIC marks a firm line beneath the darkness of past experiences, the death of a very dear friend, and signals a rebirth for the band.