If only all young guitar bands were smart enough to rock out this fast, banging out first-rate mod-punk party-starters in barely more time than it takes to work out that they are not from Tokyo, aren’t police officers, and appear to be beating their guitars with clubs.

This foursome hail from suburban Toronto and have nothing to do with law enforcement; they have everything to do with Buzzcocks-style velocity and Strokes-style guitar hooks, without slowing down for a breath. Their debut EP has no fat on its bones, from the moment David Monks opens “Cheer It On” with the shout “Operator, get me the president of the world — this is an emergency!” “Nature of the Experiment” actually seems to have a fairly intelligent and, indeed, heart-tugging lyric (“It’s my impeccable disorder/Where I keep on falling for her”). But intelligence rarely pokes its unwanted head into Tokyo Police Club’s mission, which is making you do the hippy-hippy shake down the sidewalk. Mission accomplished.