The Man’s Choice Grand Final – Friday, 8th August

Things are running a tad late here at Forum Heights – as such, at the time of posting, the recordings are still being judged by the industry panel – however – one thing I can say is that the line-up on the night will definitely feature six of the following bands:


The final line-up will be announced in the next few days.

If that isn’t enough nail-biting excitement, on the night, each punter will be given a FREE 18 track compilation CD featuring the top 18 Stable 7 bands as selected by THE MAN

The Fans’ Choice Grand Final – Saturday, 9th August

Featuring the top five bands as selected by the audience on the night of their previous Stable Round gig, this night will feature:

NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN – featuring Jess Russell (Bass/Backing Vocals), Hannah Brooks (hitting things) and Jess Wood (vocals & guitars). This trio from Uckfield are not yer average stereotypical ‘girl rock band’ – opting to ditch the teenage pop sound for a more complex take on rock music with a wide variety of influences ranging from heavy metal to blues. Featuring catchy riffs and intelligent lyrics, the music they play varies from head banging alt.rock to some more chilled out tunes with a summery twist. Rumours of the band being commissioned to write and perform the theme for the new James Bond film and given A LOT of money remain unconfirmed (or just made-up).

THE AFTER STATE – a four piece alt. rock outfit led by songwriter and bassist Sean Guy and guitarist Paul Monham. Tom Wheatley handles the larynx duties whilst Harry Turpin bashes skins

XYEZ – formed back in January 2007 after meeting at a club, this Brighton foursome started as they meant to go on – by partying 24/7 (at what point in the evolution of the beautiful English language did ‘party’ become a verb ?– crusty old Ed). After being kidnapped by a promoter the band woke from a chloroformed stupor to find themselves shackled in the hold of a Liberian registered steamship. After escaping from their bonds the funky foursome fronted by hyperactive Hanna Webb, managed to jump ship at Cadiz and worked their way across mainland Europe, playing at every bar on the left as they started their odyssey home. Six nights of dancing on tables, stripping on stage, and downing shots of Vimto with a veritable lust for life has honed their stage act to a streamlined extravaganza of funky pop, or Fop! as we here at Blam Towers term it.

WELCOME TO WINCHESTER – When asked for his views upon the aforementioned band, Moanin’ Mills of this parish was heard to mutter, “This Paddock Wood foursome occupy a loose area somewhere between Biffy Clyro and The Music, with a Bloc Party twang as they dip their toes daintily into the waters of the commercial mainstream and jump straight out again making loud obnoxious noises. Mainman Gavin Crowhurst looks like a student physics teacher; all geeky four- eyed weediness at first glance, until you meet his crazed gaze, the rhythm kicks in and the little sod’s voice becomes a terrifying booming roar, turning their eclectic mix of furious disco beats and uplifting mathy indie-pop into something macabre and unsettling”

Reading between the lines – I think he rather likes ‘em.

THE EXHIBITION – Anyone who’s been lucky enough to have seen this East Grinstead based five piece may have wondered what the wooden crate marked ‘Fragile’ at the side of the stage contained. We can disclose that contrary to popular rumour, it did not contain the pile of turkey-ham and condensed milk sandwiches that drummer Tommy demands for his rider – it did in fact contain a hereto undiscovered life-form – namely the Lesser Spotted Leo Ellis. Cloned from an old pile of effect pedals and BC Rich tremolo locking nuts, this pale and wan species had been genetically modified to fill in whenever guitarist Laurence turned his attention from guitar to swelling organ. However – due to tax reasons and a visit from a Health & Safety officer – lucky Leo has now been promoted to a full time member.

Once again, on the night, each punter will be given a FREE 18 track compilation CD featuring the top 18 Stable 7 bands as selected by THE FANS.

Doors open at 7:00pm