Matt Welcome . Roddy Fraser . Elliot Potter . George Cleary

Comedy Forum, Tunbridge Wells’ original and best value for money comedy night plays host to FOUR more stand-up comedians as part of its regular ‘First Thursday in the month’ slot.

Newly returned to the circuit after a few years absence, the charismatic MATT WELCOME‘s confidence and experience shines through his set like a floodlight, giving him a charismatic and confident air unmatched by almost any other stand-up working the circuit. His material is seemingly conversational, but the gags are all tucked away in there, jumping out at you with a sure steady pace. Sharp sarcasm and acute observations shape the style of his set, but all manner of comedic verbal misdirection is present

So crisp and pithy are the sarcastic observations, they almost seem like a collection of quotations from the world’s great wits; making ideas seem so obvious that you’d wonder why you’d never considered them before. More recently Matt took a bit of time off from the comedy circuit to ‘find himself’, “I thought I saw myself in Brent Cross shopping centre once but I wasn’t sure so I just kept walking: funny really after 3 years of searching for myself it turned out I’d been sitting in front of the telly drinking beer the whole time, I guess people are just like keys, always in the last place you look

Welcome is, bluntly, one of the best comics you’ve never heard of.

What the press say:

“Probably one of the most talented comedians on today’s comedy circuit”- Woman Magazine

“Suave and sarcastic, his ability to play with the simplest of phrases and have you thinking why you’d never thought of it, make him one of the UK’s cleverest and slickest comedians.” – What’s On

Also appearing tonight will be Glaswegian RODDY FRASER, GEORGE CLEARY with your host for the evening ELLIOT POTTER providing ‘comedy glue’ as MC.