Currently out hitting people in the face with a massive wall of pop noise just before Kaiser Chiefs stumble on to the stage to limp through their disappointing new album, York’s THE HAIR are Neil Clark – Keys/Samples/Vocals/Drums, Vijay Mistry – Percussion/Drums, Lee Clark – Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Drums and Sam Robson – Vocals/Guitar/Ego/Drums. If they are currently below your radar, that’s cos you’re not cool like us or the several other people who will turn up to this show and mooch around at the bar like a bad smell so they can say “oh yes, the Hair? Saw them at The Forum, Tunbridge Wells with about fifty people. Don’t think their show at Wembley Stadium will be quite as good as that dear boy” in two years time. And you can either believe me now, or you can watch this video and believe me afterwards: