The Fillers have been a tribute band of The Killers since 2006. They have performed all over the UK, Ireland and The Channel Islands. Their furthest booking was for the Hard Rock Café in the Dominican Republic. During their short career, this bunch of likeable lads from Bury St. Edmonds has experienced the same amount of adulation whilst they act, sound and look like the real thing. To add to their CV; they have been recommended by Brandon Flowers as a band that should be checked out; lead singer Trevor, has been mistaken for Brandon by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe; and Ronnie Vannacci has played drums for them at one of their gigs.  Check out the video evidence that is currently posted on The Fillers Facebook and YouTube!

We caught up with lead singer, Trevor Hurley, fondly known as ‘Fake Brandon’, whilst he tells us how pleased The Fillers are to be playing their first date in Kent at the Tunbridge Wells Forum in support of The Bridge Trust.

How did The Fillers first meet and whose idea was it to be a tribute band to the Killers?

Most of us were in another band together. We entered a local Battle of the Bands competition and somehow lost!”. Trevor then jokes, “Yeah, amazing that something like that could happen!” He adds, “The format was that the winners of the competition returned the following year to play the closing ceremony. The next year came along and the band that originally beat us couldn’t play.  Because we were the runners up we were asked to take their place. We all found this a bit comical and came up with the idea that as we were filling in we would change our name to The Fillers. Then we performed the music of The Killers.  We set up a myspace page, and proceeded to get interest from promoters and venues and the rest is history!”

Which Fillers gig sticks out in your memory as being the best experience – and why?

“We performed to an audience of 35,000 at the Matthew Street Festival, Liverpool this year. It was amazing.

Where did you get that jacket?

The jacket was hand made by my local tailor”. Trevor adds with a smile, “That was an interesting conversation – “You want a what?”

Do you and the band members have other jobs or is being a band member in The Fillers your full time jobs now?

We all have other jobs – A window cleaner, IT consultant, plumber, bus driver and computer programmer. Try and guess who is who!”

The gig at Tunbridge Wells Forum is part of a calendar of events that has been organised to fundraise for The Bridge Trust, a local charity that provides accommodation, support and advice to homeless people. Trevor responds,

“We are really pleased to be performing for such a worthwhile cause and we are all very much looking forward to the gig”, then he laughs as he recalls, “The last time I came to Tunbridge Wells was to collect a car, which broke down within 3 miles. We were driving around trying to find the Forum to see a band called Rx Bandits. We found it in the end, and it was a great night; but on the 20th November I will be bringing a Sat. Nav. and a more reliable car!”