We are delighted to announce that Ash, who perform at The Forum on Saturday 14 November, will play an extra special 1977 show the following night – Sunday 15 November. The band will perform the entire of 1977 back to back.

Tickets for the Saturday show sold out in a matter of hours, and this last minute extra date will also sell out quickly. Buy your ticket now from this link:

Tickets now available for


ASH – Extra special added event!!

from www.WeGotTickets.com


Already the subject of heated debate on the Facebook and MySpace pages for The Forum (which falls broadly along the entrenched lines of “this is the bestest booking evah” and “why oh why are you booking this rubbish again they are shit”, many people seem to miss the point that prior to the homogenistic approach of Kaiser Lily Reverend Hoosier Kylie Play, people actually used to like or loathe music. You don’t actually have to like every piece of music a tiny little bit because it has some elements of indie, dubstep, rap, electro, rock metal in it, you can actually really like a band because they’re your thing and really hate another band because they are not your thing . If you hate this band GOOD. That’s the whole fucking point of there being bands and music.You’re not supposed to like it all, and you’re supposed to think some of it is shit.

Bread products I don’t have a particularly strong feeling about, or which hairspray is best, or which type of stairlift provides the smoothest journey. I will, however, happily debate with you for hours the relative merits of Pink Floyd (shit) The Clash (genius) Nick Drake (over-rated) Scott Walker (under-rated) Tortoise (don’t get me started) Mogwai (if they had one idea half as clever as one of their sloganeering interviews it would be just about good enough to clean the bottom of Damon Albarn’s feet) Green Day (bizarrely maligned for being tuneful) Slint (bizarrely praised for being tuneless) or any other actual purveyors of an attitude or a form of music that is actually worthgiving a shit about.

You may want to hate them, and think their music is cartoon punk, and think Donny is the most annoying quasi rock star in the history of the universe, and think you’ve seen it all before.  But let’s be honest, you have an opinion about them and that means they are worth you having an opinion about. Just by the very fact you’re rading this and not agreeing with it, Towers of London already accomplished more in three paragraphs than The Fratellis will manage in twenty albums.

In any case, that bit where he hopped over the wall was fucking brilliant. So there.